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It’s essential we support and grow our workplaces if we are to grow ourselves and our careers.

With this in mind, My Blue Umbrella has developed WORKanyPLACE, an automated modern environment designed specifically to help empower organizations and its team members.

MBU’s business process automation has become essential for all strategic forward-thinking companies. It enhances organizational management; lets companies make more informed business decisions; and increases output while reducing cost.

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The key to accelerating productivity is transforming processes, whether they’re simple tasks like notifications and approvals or complex operational workflows and procedures. WORKanyPLACE’s business transformation experts will help create a unique environment for your organization that will help you perform at your most efficient and make growth easier and faster.

Are you ready?

Working from locations outside your office can present many opportunities for building your business and providing access to your data that wasn’t possible even a few years ago. But remote working also has associated risks to your security and data that must be addressed, as well as technical challenges that must be overcome. The reward for doing so is the freedom of being untethered from a single office.

Ask yourself if your remote users’ environment meets the following criteria. If not, My Blue Umbrella can help get them ready!

Security (Firewall, AV)
Security is the number one concern for any user working remotely. All remote systems must be equipped with antivirus protection and a secure connection to the office’s network and data.

  • Is a firewall installed at the user’s location?
  • Is Managed AV/Anti-Malware protection in place on their device?
  • Is a VPN setup to the office and necessary user licensing installed/configured

Network (Routers, Switches & APs)
Internal networks are often overlooked when setting up security. The network is the primary entrance for most intrusions and must be secured.

  • Are the router and/or access points under a management program?
  • Are the client’s network appliances protected by Cisco Umbrella?

Remote working requires the ability to access office data remotely. If a secure connection to the office network isn’t possible, a connection to shared storage where the data is stored is required.

  • Is shared storage in place for remote user access?

Which of the following devices are available to the user and can be dedicated to remote working?

  • Monitor
  • Desktop/Laptop
  • Ergonomic Desk
  • Docking Station
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
  • Multifunction Printer

All data on users’ computers must be enrolled in a backup program to ensure they’re protected from loss due to accident or theft.

  • Is there a Local data backup?
  • Is there a Cloud data backup?

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